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With the blessings and approval of the Dioecsion Metropolitan Late Mor Athanasios Y. Samuel, Rev. Fr. John Jacob (Dr.Yuhanon Mor Philaxinous Metropolitan) offered the Holy Qurbano at St. Alban’s Colligate chapel in Dallas on Sept. 4th 1977 and thus St. Ignatious church was established. In the early stages we had only a handful of members and we did not have a Sunday School. But we grew slowly by adding members and our children also grew up. Then we felt that our children need to be brought in our tradition and faith. We started the Sunday School in early 1980’s with very few children. But by 1986 we had more members and we had more than 40 children. We had 5 classes and 8 teachers. After that every year, we added on each class.

In 1992, we purchased the property at 2707 Dove Creek lane in Carrollton. We had 39 members at that time. More members began to join our church and our Sunday School children also increased. Mr. Oomen Chandy was the headmaster for almost 25 years. The Sunday School grew with teachers and students. Now we have Pre-k to 12th grade with 100 students and 25 teachers. We know that as the new generation evolves here in the U.S., it is our responsibility to provide the spiritual education based on the traditions and teachings of the Syrian Orthodox Church that have been taught to us and passed on through the generations. The future of our church is dependant on us educating our children. Therefore, the dedication of the Sunday School staff and the cooperation from the parents and students help make the entire process very purposeful and gratifying. We urge you to come visit our parish and Sunday School, if you haven't already.

Thank you and Peace be with you

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