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On a fine cool evening in Februrary 1977, Mr. Oommen Chandy, Mr. Chacko Thambi, Mr. Samuel Philipose, Mr. Joseph C. Joseph and Mr. Poycattle Varghese gathered at the residence of Mr. Poycattle Varghese with the intention of worshipping the Lord in our Jacobite Syrian Christian faith and to transfer the traditional faith to the next generation.

On 24th April 1977, they met at the residence of Mr. Oommen Chandy and elected the office bearers and established the congregation. This meeting decided the name of the congregation as St. Ignatious Malankara Jacobite Syrian Christian Church. The Archbishop H.E. Athanasius Yeshue Samuel was informed and His Eminence gave necessary directions. On September 4th 1977, Rev. Fr. John Jacob (currently H.G. Yuhanon Mor Philoxenos Metropolitan) Vicar of St. Gregorious Church, Staten Island celebrated the Holy Qurbono at St. Alban’s Collegiate Chapel and thus formed St. Ignatious Church formally. The church is indebted to H.G. Yuhanon Mor Philoxenos Metropolitan who gave proper guidance and support in the beginning.

As the congregation was looking for a priest, Mr. Joseph C. Joseph willingly came forward and on March 12th 1978 he was ordained as a priest by the Archbishop H.E. Athanasius Yeshue Samuel. Rev. Fr. Joseph C. Joseph (currently Very Rev. Joseph C. Joseph Corepiscopo) served as the first vicar of the church until 1983. During this time the service was conducted in a small building at St. Luke Methodist Church in Dallas. We express our deep gratitude and appreciation to Very Rev. Joseph C. Joseph Corepiscopos for his valuable service and effort to buy a church building of our own. In 1979, late H.B. Catholicos Aboon Mor Baselios Paulose II and in 1981 the Supreme Head of the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church H.H. Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas visited and celebrated Holy Qurbano. These were memorable and blessed occasions in the history of the church.

On August 30, 1983 by the grace of God, the first church was purchased at Conroe St. Dallas and the consecration of the church building was conducted by H.E. Athanasius Yeshue Samuel, assisted by H.G. Gheevarghese Mor Gregorius Metropolitan of Kottayam Diocese.

We gratefully appreciate the services of our vicars Rev. Fr. Mathew Thomas Edathara (now Very Rev Mathew Thomas Edathara Corepiscopo) during 1984-85 and Rev. Fr. V.M. Thomas from 1985 to 1990. Rev. Fr. Alias Aramath served from 1991 for 19 years, and provided spiritual leadership for the growth and success of the church. Achen took initiative to start Malayalam classes that helped the children of our church as well as the children from sister parishes.

Though Rev. Fr. Stephen K. Philip served as Vicar for a short period, his leadership organized and revived the activities of the youth association, Sunday school, St. Paul’s mission and Martha Mariam Samajam. He introduced prayer meeting and bible study on Wednesdays.

We thankfully remember Very Rev. Geevarghese Puthurkudilil Corepiscopo, Very Rev. Itty Thomas Corepiscopo, Rev. Fr. Babu Peringol, Rev. Fr. Dr. P.P. Philip, Rev. Fr. George Paruthuvayalil and many other priests served the church on several occasions. We are grateful to Very Rev. Geevarghese Puthurkudilil Corepiscopo who took initiative to come from New York and held prayer meetings, Bible studies, and sacramental needs for a year during the adverse period of the church.

From March 2011 to Jan 2013, Very Rev. Mathews Kavumkal Corepiscopo served as the vicar of our church. He has held numerous positions in different areas such as American Archdiocesan Council Member, Kottayam Diocesan Clergy Association Secretary, outside Kerala Diocesan Secretary and Youth Association President. His experience and leadership has contributed a vital role in the growth and unity of our church. He is the President of the Kerala Ecumenical Fellowship in Dallas. Our church is hosting the activities of the Ecumenical Christian Fellowship in the year 2012.

Since Jan 2013, Rev Fr Varghese Paul serves as the vicar. He is also the Archdiocesan Office Manager.

The growth of the church demanded the need for a larger facility. On March 30th 1992 a new church was purchased at 2707 Dove Creek Ln. Carrollton, TX 75006 - a sanctuary with a seating capacity of 400 and a Sunday school building. This facility was built on 2.25 acres of land with sufficient parking spaces. This was one of the proudest moments of the church history. In November 1992 Archbishop H.E. Athanasius Yeshue Samuel, assisted by H.G. Yuhanon Mor Philoxenos Metropolitan and H.G. Abraham Mor Severios Metropolitan, consecrated our new church. In 1993 the church had the privilege to host the Archdiocesan Convention in Dallas.

In 2002, St. Ignatious Church celebrated three day Silver Jubilee Program under the auspicious of H.B. Catholicos Aboon Mor Baselios Thomas I, along with the Archbishop H. G. Mathews Mor Evanios and H.G. Yuhanon Mor Philoxenos Metropolitan. The Jubilee celebrations began on Friday Oct 18th with a public meeting attended by many dignitaries and concluded on Sunday Oct 20th with the Moonninmel Qurbano. The church published a silver jubilee souvenir and the proceeds were donated to charities in India.

On Palm Sunday April 9th, 2006 we were blessed to have the corner stone laid by H.B. Catholicos Aboon Mor Baselios Thomas I for St. Ignatious Auditorium. With the unity and cooperation of our members, we were able to renovate the church with a 7000 square feet sanctuary, a 7200 square feet auditorium, along with an additional Sunday school space of 1250 square feet to accommodate the growth. In November 2008, the consecration ceremony of the renovated church and the inauguration of St. Ignatious auditorium were celebrated by H.G. Dr. Joseph Mor Gregorious Metropolitan. The renovated church has a seating capacity of 500 and the auditorium with a seating capacity of 600. In 2010, the parsonage at 2506 Melissa Lane in Carrollton was purchased.

On October 4 2012, His Holiness Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas declared the St Ignatious MJSC Church as Cathedral through Apostolic Kalpana. The Kalpana was read by Archbishop H.E. Mor Titus Yeldho during the Cathedral Inauguration Ceremony on November 11, 2012.

Currently, we are the largest parish in the North America Archdiocese with over 130 families. We are also very proud of becoming the first church in the Archdiocese to be elevated as Cathedral in USA and Canada. We are extremely blessed with the growth and accomplishments for the past 35 years. We pledge our allegiance to the holy throne of Antioch and to H. H. Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas, H.B. Catholicos Aboon Mor Baselios Thomas I and to our Archbishop H.E. Mor Titus Yeldho.

Historical Events and Dates

Historical Event Date
Formation of Parish February 12, 1977
Naming of the Church April 24, 1977
Celebration of First Holy Qurbono September 4, 1977
Appointment of First Vicar by the Diocesan Bishop March 12, 1978
Purchase of Church Building on Conroe Street, Dallas August 30, 1983
Consecration of Church Building on Conroe Street, Dallas November 26, 1983
Purchase of the Property on Dove Creek Lane, Carrollton March 30, 1992
Consecration of Church Building on Dove Creek, Carrollton November 28, 1992
Silver Jubilee Celebration October 18, 2002
Foundation Stone laid for St. Ignatious Auditorium April 9, 2006
Inauguration of St. Ignatious Auditorium November 15, 2008
Consecration of Renovated Church on Dove Creek November 16, 2008
Declaration of St. Ignatious MJSC Church as "CATHEDRAL" through Apostolic
Kalpana from His Holiness Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas
October 4, 2012
Cathedral Inauguration by H.E.Archbishop Mor Titus Yeldho November 11, 2012
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