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Chain Prayer

The spritual organizations of St Ignatious Cathedral pray for 24 hours continous every week starting 12AM Wednesday to Midnight.


What is chain prayer? And how it works?

What is chain prayer?
It is a non-stop prayer for 24 hours starting midnight Tuesday, by a group of people. People can select time for a minimum of 15 minutes per your schedule, place and comfort. You can select a time of your choice, that someone will be praying every minute for 24 hours. We are doing this chain prayer on EVERY WEDNESDAY. Remember the time will start after Tuesday midnight and ends on Wednesday midnight. Multiple people can sign up for one fifteen minute session. Please try to sign up sessions containing few people.

What if I can't pray at the time I have signed up for? (during Vacation or other circumstances)
Don't worry. Try to find someone to cover your spot until you are back. If not, contact one of  the  coordinators to  take care of it.

You can always take more than 15 minutes session. This is a very powerful prayer for our Church, family and other people. We encourage all youth to participate. It's a great blessing.

Mercy Alex
Chacko Korah

Though the prayer is a personal preference, to make it easy for you we have provided few outlines and prayers...

Personal Prayer Suggestions

Chain Prayer - English

Chain Prayer - Malayalam

Who is praying...

To add your name to the prayer list, please complete the following information.


Thanks for your interest in joining our chain prayer.

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