Welcome to St. Ignatious Malankara Jacobite Syrian Christian Cathedral

St.Ignatious Cathedral Board of Directors 2014

  • Vicar & President
    Very Rev John Varghese Corepiscopos
    [Vicar & President]

    Ph(M): 972-782-9072

  • Vice President
    Alex K George

    Ph: 972-791-2960

  • Secretary
    Mammen P John

    Ph(M): 469-363-2165
    Ph: 972-635-2704

  • Joint Secretary
    George Karuthedath
    [Joint Secretary]

  • Treasurer
    Joseph George

    Ph(M): 214-542-3840
    Ph: 972-288-3688

  • Joint Treasurer
    Jose Thomas
    [Joint Treasurer]

  • Board Member
    Raju Eapen
    [Board Member]

  • Board Member
    Peter C Varghese
    [Board Member]

  • Board Member
    Babu E Kuriakose
    [Board Member]

  • Board Member
    Thomas Abraham
    [Board Member]

  • Board Member
    Regi C Abraham
    [Board Member]

  • Pic
    Biju Thomas
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