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The Sunday specifically to remember all the departed believers is called the ‘Aneede’ Sunday. The Syriac word ‘Aneede’ means the departed.

How blessed are we! How unique our faith is!

This may be the only Christian faith where you are a part of the continuum of life; a continuum of life that begins with the birth to the second coming of our savior Lord Jesus Christ and beyond.

Physical death is not a separation from the continuum of life: the departed believers are continuing their journey of salvation until the day of last judgment.

We are indeed blessed because we are also on this journey!

Neither life or death, nor the powers of the hell, or anything above or below is not going to separate us from the continuum of the love of God until we reach the final destination of eternity.

This is the only faith where you can participate in the Holy Communion along with the departed, the living and the heavenly beings.

Let’s come together this Sunday to remember all our departed forefathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, friends, dear ones, known and unknown, and have communion with the creator God, who is beyond our human comprehension, in praise and worship!

Also, give the names of all the departed to be remembered in the Holy Qurbono!