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2020 My Great Lent Scripture Readings and Meditations

Screenshot_20200221-092340Dear friend in Christ,

The ‘MY GREAT LENT bible reading plan 2020 week I’ is a convenient booklet containing the scripture readings during the Lenten season according to the lectionary tradition of the Syriac Orthodox Church.

As Orthodox Christians, along with the continuous participation in the Holy Eucharist, spiritual nourishment through prayers, scripture reading, and personal meditation are essential for our growth towards Christ our God.

This booklet is set with two readings per day, and a brief introduction to the special days and Sundays of lent, along with a few prompts for meditation. This may also be used as supplementary material for the “My Great Lent Calendar 2020”.

We pray that this booklet will help in your Lenten journey and prepares you for a great transformation to partake in the joyous feast of the resurrection of our Lord. We also hope that you will open your heart to the Word of God and allow Him to guide, strengthen, and assist you in all things you do.

May the almighty God make us all worthy to praise His Holy Name, the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, one true God, all through the days of our life, and forever. Amen!

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Renjan Mathew

St. Ignatious English Chapel

Dallas, TX

Aneede Sunday

(Sunday of the commemoration of the departed faithful)

February 16, 2020