Second Sunday After Sleebo


First Sunday After Sleebo: Sept 20, 2015


Beware, wake up, keep alert!
There is so much evil surrounding us.
So many miracles all around us.
Wake up; Eyes, Ears, Minds, Hearts, Wake up.
See the blessings of God in your life.
Still see the world around you.
See who all need your alertness?
See who all need your help?


Feast of Sleebo: Sep 13, 2015


Today, Christ reminds us to evade the leaven of the world and allow Him, the True and Pure Leaven, to change us and transform us back as beautiful creations of God.
He is reminding us to avoid all forms of hypocrisy in our lives; so that we are true to ourselves and to God.
Let our life witness Christ to others!
Let Christianity describe who Christ is!


fourth Sunday after the feast of assumption (Shunoyo) SEPTEMBER 6, 2015


Third Sunday after the feast of assumption