6th Sunday after Sleebo: The Rich Vs Small Children

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5th Sunday after Sleebo_001


The most basic need of a civilized human being is an urge to impress people.

We want to be seen as successful, better achievers and so on.

The newest car, biggest mansion, branded clothes, better achieved children, family identity, and so on shows our tendency to become the lead dog.

This desire to be the first, the best and to be admired by others has a name: PRIDE.

What do we read about them?

God tells us that “first will be last and last will be the first.”

“All those who humble themselves will be exalted, and all who exalt themselves will be humbled.”


THE FOURTH SUNDAY AFTER SLEEBO: Can you Serve Two masters?

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Jesus says, you cannot love God and mammon at the same time!
Well, we have been serving God and making money throughout these years, what’s wrong with that?

The problem arises when we try to live in double allegiance.
If we have one God on Sunday, another God on Monday through Friday; and yet another weird God on Saturday, we are serving several masters!
We need to have the same personality, same God, same faith, same values, same morality on Sunday, and Monday through Saturday.



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Jesus emphasizes the human color of divine commandment by saying, “The Sabbath was made for humankind, and not humankind for the Sabbath”.
We may be very conservative and strict in disciplines, religious codes and social rules.
Of course it is well and good.
But if we neglect the the human dimension, neglect the human suffering, neglect God’s creation, surely we are against the merciful Lord of Sabbath.