7th sunday after pentecost_001


This passage affirms the spiritual authority and power present in Jesus’ ministry.

His power is greater than evil spirits.

But we always forget the power Jesus has in our lives.

We always forget our call to do the will of God.

Has our love for God slipped through time?

Let us all pray together during Holy Qurbana to renew our love towards father.

Let Christ renew our love towards father so that it flow freely again, as it once did.


6th Sunday afte Pentecost_001

Jesus’ ministry is remarkable in its practical and physical nature.
Of course, he does teach deep truths, but he also attends to people’s need.
He heals the sick and disabled, and takes time to feed a crowd of hungry people.

What might be standing in our way to meaningfully share Jesus’ compassion?

FIFTH SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST Feeding the 5000: “You give them something to eat”



Imagine that you are one of the disciples and Jesus is demanding you to deal with the people, asking for help.

But you ask Jesus to send them away, he says, “You give them something to eat”.

But you protest, “I’ve no more than_____”.

In order to fill in the blank, take an inventory of the resources of your life: your personal, family, intellectual, material, physical and spiritual resources.

Picture yourself placing these resources in Jesus’ hands, one by one, until the last resource is you- resting in the arms of Jesus.

Fourth Sunday after Pentecost: Jesus Feeding the Five Thousand

Fourth sunday after Pentecost_001


Jesus showed compassion on the people and met their needs.
How about imitating Christ’s compassion by putting the needs of others ahead of our own?
How about staying up late with a disappointed relative or friend rather than getting our sleep?
Let our schedule be interrupted to comfort or listen to somebody else.