Anger is only one letter away from danger

7th sunday after sleebo_001_001

“I hate you!” “I wish you were dead!” “You’re stupid!” “You’re worthless!” “I want a divorce!” “I wish we never had you!” “I wish you weren’t my parents!” Have you ever uttered any of these statements? If we’re honest, at one moment or another we have all spoken hurtful and hateful words. Yet, typically, most of us dismiss such comments by saying, “You really made me angry.” “I lost my temper.” “I didn’t really mean it.” Or the ever pathetic, “I was just joking.” While it is tempting to minimize our angry words, thoughts, and attitudes, the truth is there can be danger in anger. This is fitting since anger is only one letter away from danger.

Entering the Kingdom of God: The rich vs. little children

6th sunday after sleebo_001_001

In this Gospel passage (Luke 18: 18-27) Jesus is sympathizing with a rich ruler; How hard it is for those who have wealth to enter the Kingdom of God. Then who can be saved? The answer is there in verses 17; Whoever does not receive the Kingdom of God as a little child will never enter it. What is that spiritual truth that we need to learn from children? What is the secret that help them to take possession of the Kingdom of God?  Call to your mind your childhood face or your child’s face. Or you may go to a place where you can spend some time with children. Just observe them, when they are in the playground or in church’s nursery. Recall the children you know- their concerns, questions, stories, realities, attitudes about themselves, their family and life. Think about this question: what would it mean to receive the Kingdom of God like a child? What would it mean for you to embrace the childlike faith within you?