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Sanctification of Church: Confession and Purification Leads to Cross

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“Who do people say that I am?”

Jesus further asks this question to his disciples. “Who do you say I am?” They mumbled and gave him ‘others’ opinion!

But he was looking for a personalized reply; “I say…” not a, “Someone says…”

This situation is true for us too. We always depend on jargons and text book definitions to answer this question. But Christ is straight away rejecting ‘second-hand’ testimonies!

“Who do you say I am?” No other question will ever be as important to us, as this one question.

Peter’s declaration was indeed a confession which leads to a holistic purification. This confession and purification helped St. Peter and his fellow Apostles to take up the cross and follow their master.

“If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me”

Koodosh Eetho means sanctification of the church. But sanctification of church is not about the sanctification of church buildings! Rather, this Sunday is meant to call for confession, affirmation and purification of her people. Only through repentance, confession, affirmation and purification one will be empowered in Holy Spirit to ‘deny self’ and follow the master by taking his cross. And that is the Christian way of life!


Anger is only one letter away from danger

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“I hate you!” “I wish you were dead!” “You’re stupid!” “You’re worthless!” “I want a divorce!” “I wish we never had you!” “I wish you weren’t my parents!” Have you ever uttered any of these statements? If we’re honest, at one moment or another we have all spoken hurtful and hateful words. Yet, typically, most of us dismiss such comments by saying, “You really made me angry.” “I lost my temper.” “I didn’t really mean it.” Or the ever pathetic, “I was just joking.” While it is tempting to minimize our angry words, thoughts, and attitudes, the truth is there can be danger in anger. This is fitting since anger is only one letter away from danger.