Seven Periods in the Church Calendar

Calendar NEW_001_001The 52/ 53 Sundays in a calendar year has been divided to Seven Cycles in the Church Calendar. The first Sunday according to the Church Calendar is the Koodosh Eetho Sunday (Sanctification of the Church). Koodosh Eetho is the Sunday that falls between October 30th and November 5th. Again, the entire church calendar is divided into 7 cycles.
I. Sanctification of the Church* to Christmas (Yeldho)
II. Yeldho to Epiphany (Dan’ho)
III. Dan’ho to the Beginning Sunday of Great Lent (Kothine)
IV. Kothine to Easter Sunday (Kymtha)
V. Kymtha to Pentecost
VI. Pentecost to the Transfiguration
VII. Sleebo to Sanctification of Church (Koodosh Eetho)
Knowing this arrangement will help us to better appreciate and understand the logical connection between different feasts, days of the church, gospel readings and what the gospel messages are intended to be. Moreover, there are general themes for each cycle; for example, theme for the first Cycle is confession, affirmation and purification, which helps us to prepare to welcome the Savior on the Christmas day.
A Note on the correction: Earlier we published the cycles as SIX instead of SEVEN. Over the years, liturgical calendars were published in two forms- the tables of Easter and related movable feasts; and a calendar of saints. The two have separate origins. The former were a matter of controversy in the ancient church. Eventually, a single one of 532 years (taqlab in Syriac sources) was adopted as the norm. They again differed in the way in which the date of are fixed.
There are different categorizations of the periods in the Church. Many books published refer to six periods; some refer to generally two periods; most of the other books have no mention on the periods/ cycles. The book ‘Sermons based on readings of the Lectionary’ by H.G Mor Chrysostamus Mosa Salama (1958; Re-published by Mor Adai Study Center) presents seven cycles instead of six. We are updating the periods to seven as this is an accepted categorization of the Church Lectionary.
Thanks a lot Mor Theethose Thirumeni for the timely suggestions regaring the necessary corrections.